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Photo Storytelling

A 3 morning workshop for children with an interest in photography and want to create images which speak volumes. Just a cell phone is enough but all cameras welcome. $100 tuition required to RSVP. Class size no more than 5 students.
This is for (approx) 6th-9th graders. It will take place on Main St. Concord July 8th, 10th, 12th 9am-12pm.
This is also offered for adults in both a group and individual setting, please inquire.

what we will cover:

  • define a subject/idea/story which you are personally passionate and curious about

  • find unique perspectives in making photographs

  • create a storyline, powerful images and narrative

  • be honest and authentic when documenting with images

  • challenge the way you view the world around you

  • understand the importance of place and culture when creating stories

  • basic camera settings, editing, use of light and shadow, composition


A Documented Childhood

This workshop is geared towards mama’s (and dads too!) who are looking to capture a childhood to remember. We often overlook the beauty in the everyday but those are them moments we crave to remember as time passes on and our babies grow up and away. Learning how to find the best light, see lovely composition, and embrace the subtle glimpses of magic. This is not about perfection but rather photographing an authentic childhood.

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The Wild Garden

offered weekly for small groups or individual
inquire for dates

capturing the beauty of the natural world