"the merging of heart and mind into spirit"

Individual and small group training for growing greatness on and off the playing field. Young athletes spend so much time training the physical aspects of their sport and often overlook such an important component of what determines success. Mental Toughness and a warrior mind is a life skill and shouldn't be neglected. Most parents and coaches don't acknowledge this until
- the pressure of winning is affecting an athletes well being, sleep habits, focus, schoolwork and ultimately skill on the field
- choking in high pressure situations and when it matters most
- hitting a plateau and "trying harder" doesn't yield improved performance
- after an injury an athlete just can't seem to perform to their potential

Sometimes a young athlete benefits from a third party, not their coach, not their parent. I do strongly believe that working together, with coach, parent, and athlete is essential. Observing an athlete at practice and in competition is very helpful as is offering a parent strategies to best enhance their child's achievements. There is no doubt when a young athlete is frustrated with their performance, it shows in all aspects of their life. Just giving them the tools to step above it can be life changing.

Another aspect of competitive sports which I have had much experience in is injury recovery. When an athlete is sidelined so much time and effort goes into rehab for the body, the injury, but most often the mind is neglected. I work one on one with athlets alongside their physical therapy so that they may return to their sport mentally tough and ready to make great progress in their game. This takes guided imagery, meditation, and learning to "see" themselves succeed. 

My philosophy is that competitive sports is a perfect ground in which children can build incredible life skills. Skills which will not only create success on the playing field but more importantly in their future as an adult. Balancing school, peer relationships, winning and losing all weigh heavy on their shoulders. My first step with every athlete and youth is to guide them in learning
to be:
Present in the Moment. Having the ability to focus, control their emotions, and calm their mind in even the most stressful situations will lead them to the gift of an unshakable confidence.
to let go of:
Instant Gratification. "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett.
Success comes when we learn to chunk.
1)Look at the task as a whole, absorb the whole thing, imagine yourself doing it.
2)Break it down into its smallest possible chunks practicing them again and again.
3)Slow it down, this allows you to create precision. It is better to learn a technique with precision going so slowly it may not even be recognizable than to speed through it with mistakes.
What might frustrate a young athlete is the belief that they should be able to jump into learning a new skill and just get it with grit and determination. It isn't true that the harder you work at something the faster you will accomplish it, ESPECIALLY when it is a technique based action. Working smart, in the right frame of mind is key and that is why learning to be PRESENT IN THE MOMENT is so important.
to be of:
Good Character and hold themselves Accountable. Everyone notices this athlete, this teamate, this player. They are the ones you are drawn to, the ones you want to have your back, and the ones you want on your team. It is a snowball effect, it is contagious. Good coaches, schools, companies, ALL look for this. Do not overlook these characteristics. 

Coaching is available in person in the surrounding Concord, NH area and via Skype.
Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.
Cost: $60 for 3 sessions @ $20 per session. (recommend these to occur within 1 month time for best performance)
Small group sessions available, please inquire for details.