Oh Lilacs. A fleeting love affair and a cocktail to remember it by.

It is unmistakable, the scent of the lilac trees in full bloom, heavy like a damp wool blanket yet somehow as carefree as a light linen picnic cloth you just can't get to settle down as the spring winds keep taking it from you. When you have lilacs nearby they fill not just your nose with their heady sweet floral scent, but your head and your heart too. somewhat unsettling how they are such a delicate soft flower and still overpower. To me the scent of lilac is my childhood, if it could be bottled up and stored away for times when I am desperate for it I would. But this magic, this memory is not for bottling. It is simply my sweet love affair which comes to remind me that time doesn't last. Summer will be upon us, hot and heavy, the colors of spring turning green green green. Autumn will arrive, a dissonance of relief from the heat but sorrow for another school year beginning with freedom and play turning to schedules and school desks. Winter is glorious in it's first snowfall- warm nights by the fire, a cold wind through bare trees so hard to imagine soon to be filled with the sweet little lilac blossoms of another cycle. Another fleeting love affair with remembering. Another few weeks to fill my lungs with the unmistakable scent of childhood, of growing up among the lilacs. 

I can however drink it.
and so can you. 
Go gather your lilac blossoms! 

heather bowesComment