5 Best Body Weight Exercises for the Youth Athlete

The off season is a prime time for athletes to build strength and get ahead of their competition. This work during the off season will also help reduce over use injuries and can avoid injuries during the season due to muscle weakness and imbalances. Not every child athlete has the money or the availability of weight rooms, trainers, or fitness clubs. Body weight training has some definite advantages and is an extremely effective tool for building better athletes. 
Using body weight vs heavy equipment avoids the risk of overloading young muscles and growing joints. They also reduce poor technique, lack of coaching and inflated egos creating injury. Using full range of motion, body weight training will increase flexibility and balance making the athlete much more...athletic!
Remember quality over quantity, technique over speed. Depending on your other athletic commitments and aerobic work, strive to do this workout 2-4 days a week. If you are unsure of the proper way to do the following exercises or need assisted or more difficult variations check out my Pinterest board by clicking HERE 

The only thing you will need is a pull up bar. Be safe and don't rig up something that won't hold you. Get something proper, it is a well worth it investment.
Your goal is to work up to being able to do 10 each of these with 30 seconds rest in between each, for a total of 30 minutes. You may want to start with a total of 20 minutes and need to to assisted versions. Remember a proper warm-up and stretch following. Rest and eat well everyday. Get after it!

1) Right Leg Pistol Squat 10x
30 sec rest
2) Left Leg Pistol Squat 10x
30 sec rest
3) Push Ups 10x (if these are too easy vary them- narrow/wide/tup)
30 sec rest
4) Ab V Ups 10x
30 sec rest
5) Burpees 10x
30 sec rest
6) Pull Up 10x
30 sec rest
REPEAT until 30 minutes is up.

Don't forget your speed and agility work. Keep checking in here for when and how to work that into your training. 
Good Luck and feel free to comment with your progress or questions. Love to hear from you.