restoring our harmony

Wearing perfume should make you feel good, not just smell good. Handcrafted in small batches, reflecting natures seasonal whims, these perfumes are so much more than the
sea of synthetic and mass-made scents. 
Connecting with the natural world restores harmony and strengthens our inner balance. True botanical perfumes are the singing voices of plants, their inner spirit. These essences are magical.

The art of botanical perfumery is rich in history, curiosities, and delightful surprises. Fire, earth, air, and, water. All of this is combined into botanical perfumery. The pleasure and beauty of an aroma can translate a vision in extraordinary ways. A scent has a truth yet is filled with imagination.

We are an artisan craft perfumery

Creating truly natural luxury fragrances. Using only whole plant extracts, blending flowers, leaves, woods, resins, and seed essences we are dedicated to the ancient art of old world perfumery. All of our scents are handmade in limited quantities using only the most exquisite raw materials. Synthetic imitations are never used, we always choose the healing and magical aromatic plants and flowers nature gifts us. 

Heather combines art and alchemy to create hand blended limited selected perfumes. Embracing the beauty the earth gifts us, only authentic botanical essences are used in the creation process. The end result is steeped in luxury and elegance.