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The art of botanical perfumery is rich in history, curiosities, and delightful surprises. Fire, earth, air, and, water. All of this is combined into botanical perfumery. The pleasure and beauty of an aroma can translate a vision in extraordinary ways. A scent has a truth yet is filled with imagination. 

I work to capture a moment, a memory, a place, or a feeling. I want people to feel something, to be transported to another moment or place in time. By combining art and alchemy I am getting closer to this and I hope you enjoy the results of this process.

Embracing the beauty the earth gifts us, only authentic botanical essences are used in the creation of hand blended limited selected perfumes and skin elixirs. The end result is steeped in luxury and elegance. 

I am an artist with a passion for connecting our everyday life with the beauty and rawness of nature. Using color, shape, marks, and composition I work to create paintings which express the energy of the outside world. With craft, imagination, and inspiration I hope the beauty I see can become a treasured part of your home, gifting you with a soulful connection to the land and treasured wild places.
My camera is also an important tool for creating connections between people and nature but sometimes I need to put it down and remember how to see. 

Currently living in a old farmhouse on a hill in New Hampshire with my traveling pilot husband, our two curious kids, two oversized dogs, and a few cats to keep the mice away. 

 Please inquire for private commissions and collaborations, most often resulting in my most treasured work.
My best advice: when all else fails, Go outside.