For many people, the thought of committing to having a photo session makes them nervous.  They want to wait until the perfect day.  When she grows out the bangs she chopped while playing hairdresser, when he stops teething or is no longer colicky, when you lose those stubborn extra 15 pounds.  Waiting until life is less hectic and your family has more time? That is not going to happen, NEVER, and life will pass you by.

These are the days, this is where it's beautiful, this is the art of your life.  Right here, right now.

It is completely normal to be nervous in front of the camera, worry about what you should wear, how you do your hair. Children may not behave and you and your mate just can't seem to agree on anything.  In my honest opinion, this is the PERFECT time.  During your portrait session I ask only one thing of you, to trust me and just let everything fall into place.

I am located in New Hampshire, a town called Epsom.  It sits among the farms and forests.  Not far is Concord and Portsmouth. I shoot on location locally in the surrounding Concord, NH area and often travel to my clients homes or vacation destinations by plane, train or automobile.

tele: 443.254.5729

photo by Dan Campbell

photo by Dan Campbell