For many people the thought of committing to having a photo session makes them nervous.  They want to wait until the perfect day.  Or when she grows out the bangs she chopped, when he stops teething or is no longer colicky, when you lose those stubborn extra 15 pounds, or when the chaos subsides. Keep waiting until life is less hectic and life will pass you by.

I work to create photographs which make you feel something. Stories which will come to life decades after they have been lived. This chaotic life is beautiful and I want your photo session to be a time for you to relax, unwind, embrace, and trust. The process is meant to be enjoyed and the result becomes the art of your life to treasure for many generations to come. Let your stories be told.

“Even among the chaos, don’t forget the kiss.”

I am located in New Hampshire, a town called Epsom.  It sits among the farms and forests.  Not far is Concord and Portsmouth. I shoot on location locally in the surrounding Concord, NH area and often travel to my clients homes or vacation destinations by plane, train or automobile.

tele: 443.254.5729

photo by Dan Campbell

photo by Dan Campbell